Artificial Intelligence and Security Governance in Contemporary International Affairs

Cyber-security – basic elements and challenges, 16 & 17 February 2023 in Zagreb

Contemporary society is driven by the fast-track information revolution. A gradual transfer of decision-making procedures and processes into digital realm fosters its efficiency and effectiveness, but also raises different security-related questions and reservations. The IT security, and the role of AI become vital for the debate about decision-makingand security in contemporary international environment. In the context of growing use of algorithms in the decision-making processes, that is becoming increasingly AI-based and automatic, with less and less reliance on human resources, the issue of security positions itself at the top of priority list of every serious decision-making process.

Against this background, the round table series “Artificial Intelligence and Security Governance in Contemporary International Affairs” dedicates a two-day conference to questions of cyber security, its basic elements and challenges. This Conference will provide an opportunity to bring together policy makers and experts from all over Europe.