6th International Scientific Conference on EU and Comparative Law Issues and Challenges

“The recovery of the EU and strengthening the ability to respond to new challenges – legal and economic aspects” 9 – 10th June 2022

For the past two years, the world and society as a whole have faced the challenges of a pandemic caused by COVID-19. The last ECLIC conference was dedicated to finding the ideal way to adapt to the conditions of the new normal, both in the context of applying the legal norm to everyday life situations and the need to raise awareness of new social needs.

The pandemic still holds us firmly in its embrace, but the experiences and acquired knowledge of living in different and changed conditions of everyday life have created some new written rules and good customs that allow us to function in new social circumstances. However, it is not enough to just live in new circumstances, but one should look for ways to recover from the consequences and build immunity for future challenges. Therefore, this year's conference focuses on the legal and economic aspects of the recovery and resilience of the European Union in the context of COVID 19 reality.